Frequently asked questions

Who do you represent?

Ourselves as individual citizens, and as a team, we are not affiliated with any institution, political philosophy or group of any kind.

When is cooperation day?

It’s a sentiment. It’s both today or a future date. Ideally, it’s every day.

Why cooperation?

The problems we face in society are both complex and hard to formulate a response to. Also, getting political agreement is difficult when so many are not engaged. But by cooperating today, we can create the environment for more, and deeper cooperation tomorrow. By focusing on what we agree to now, we can create the community and bonds to solve the more difficult tasks naturally, sooner. See science of cooperation.

What do you want?

We want to promote an increase in cooperation in our society. We are gathering ideas to promote cooperative activity for others to undertake. If you have an idea, share with us, and share on your social media using the hashtag #coopday. Thank you! We also want you to test out the idea of increasing cooperation in your own life. Take the cooperation challenge.

Do you have any affiliation with European Cooperation Day?

No affiliations with any groups of any kind whatsoever.

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